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Strength #1

All in One

When it comes to steel, YAMCO Group companies take care of everything from sourcing to fabrication and sales.

Special steel specialist Yamashin Industry works with major manufacturers and fabricators of special steel worldwide. As a separate company in group fabricator Yamashin Steel is one of the very few Japanese manufacturers of cold drawn steel. Kusuda Kinzoku works directly deals with major Japanese manufacturers, pressing and fabricating sheet metal to the micron with state-of-the-art equipment. These three mainstays of the YAMCO Group use their tried-and-true expertise to give our customers everything they need.

Strength #2


Our production locations in China and Vietnam allow us to serve Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.

With a production plant and a distributor in each of the two countries, the YAMCO Group is well positioned to provide support for global expansion, local procurement, and other customer needs.
Our track record of sourcing steel and metal from every corner of the world enables us to offer the delivery schedules, quality, and prices our customers seek.

Strength #3


Our stainless steel forms the foundation of manufacturing from semiconductor mass production to space development.

YAMCO Group stainless steel and other types of special steel can be found everywhere from semiconductor mass production systems to the automobiles, bicycles, building materials, and other key elements of urban life. Our products are also used in the products and systems poised to enrich life for future generations, including electric and hydrogen vehicles, solar power generation, and other forms of renewable energy in addition to aerospace development. These are just some of the ways stainless steel and other types of special steel underpin modern life and embody the possibilities of the future. The YAMCO Group leverages the synergy of Group companies to provide one-of-a-kind solutions.


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